Cricket Esports – The Next Big Trend in Indian Gaming

In the bustling world of Indian gaming, a new fusion is making waves – cricket Esports. Here, the rich tradition of cricket converges with the dynamic realm of esports, heralding a new era of entertainment and competition. 

As dawn breaks over this emerging field, let’s explore its evolution and why it promises to captivate a nation already passionate about both cricket and gaming. What India needed was another reason to stay glued to screens, as if the cricket betting sites weren’t enough. 

This bold hybrid is set to lure even those who couldn’t tell a wicket from a biscuit into its digital fandom. Watch out traditional cricket, your techno-savvy cousin is here to steal the spotlight with a joystick.

How It Started: The Rise of Cricket Esports in India

The genesis of cricket Esports in India can be described as an unlikely romance between traditional cricket enthusiasts and the tech-savvy gaming community. 

This transition from mere curiosity to a mainstream sensation in the gaming industry was propelled by a motley crew of visionary companies and charismatic leaders, who dared to merge the ancient with the ultra-modern. Among these pioneers were:

  • Nodwin Gaming, steered by the esports enthusiast Akshat Rathee, who probably thought cricket needed a digital makeover. Leads in organizing major esports tournaments in India and forms global partnerships, enhancing esports visibility and acceptance across the country​.
  • Nazara Technologies – Owns “World Cricket Championship,” a leading game in India’s mobile gaming space, significantly impacting the cricket gaming market​​.
  • LXG India – Focuses on grassroots esports by offering state-of-the-art gaming lounges and training for upcoming gamers, fostering a professional gaming environment​​.
  • Skyesports – Organizes widespread online tournaments across various popular games, supporting both amateur and professional gaming communities in India​​.
  • AFK Gaming, directed by Siddharth Nayyar, offering in-depth analysis that even your cricket-loving uncle might hesitate to debate. Provides comprehensive esports coverage, offering news, analysis, and updates crucial for keeping the community informed and engaged​.

Thanks to these market behemoths, cricket esports is now a thing, ensuring that cricket lovers can continue to argue about player stats and strategies, whether on the field or on a screen​.

The Core Aspects of Cricket Esports

Cricket esports, a daring attempt to marry the century-old sport with the neon glow of modern gaming screens, spans several innovative formats. Below is a table illustrating these valiant efforts:

Simulation GamesThese titles aim to replicate the cricket experience with high fidelity, focusing on realistic gameplay and physics.World Cricket Championship 3 by Nextwave Multimedia – A mobile game known for its realistic animations and gameplay, including commentary from cricket veterans like Matthew Hayden and Aakash Chopra.
Strategy GamesFocus on the management and tactical aspects of cricket, similar to a coach or manager role.Cricket 19 by Big Ant Studios – Offers a sophisticated simulation that involves strategic elements, appealing to fans looking for an immersive management experience.
Arcade StyleLess focused on realism, these games are about fun and accessible play, often with exaggerated elements.Epic Cricket by Nazara Technologies – Designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive cricket experience with a focus on fun and engaging gameplay.
VR IntegrationUtilizes Virtual Reality to give players a first-person experience of playing cricket.Currently, VR integration in cricket gaming is nascent and primarily experimental, with no mainstream games fully utilizing this technology yet.
Competitive LeaguesOrganized esports tournaments where players or teams compete, often featuring large audiences and prize pools.Real Cricket GO by Nautilus Mobile – While primarily a mobile game optimized for lower-end devices, it has hosted several tournaments, moving towards more structured competitive play.

As you can see, each direction in cricket esports offers a different flavor of virtual cricket, catering to everyone from the armchair critic to the arcade enthusiast, ensuring that cricket remains India’s beloved pastime, even when digital.

Cricket Esports Tournaments

Cricket esports, just like traditional cricket, is bursting with tournaments that bring together the best of virtual cricket talent and casino betting fans from around the globe.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the major cyber cricket tournaments highlighting their prize pools, dates, and other relevant details to give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect in the esports arena:

  1. Skyesports Grand Slam –  Scheduled from February to March, this tournament is open to all and features a prize pool of $40,000 USD, split between Valorant and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in 2022.
  2. Skyesports Pro League: Running from March to April, this league includes games like Free Fire, Valorant, League of Legends, and Dota 2, with a total prize pool of $20,000.
  3. Skyesports League: Taking place from April to May, this city-based league is one of the year’s highlights, featuring a significant prize pool of INR 1.5 crores. It focuses on a range of esports titles and includes a proper player auction, emphasizing its large-scale and competitive nature.
  4. Skyesports Championship 4.0: Spanning from August to October, this championship offers a prize pool of INR 1 crore, split across various esports games, with the grand finals conducted on LAN.
  5. Real Cricket Championship: Scheduled for the second half of the year, specifically around September to October, this cricket-focused event boasts a prize pool of INR 50 lakhs, making it a significant tournament for cricket gaming enthusiasts.
  6. Skyesports Mobile Open: This mobile-centric tournament returns after almost a year, scheduled for November to December, featuring a prize pool of INR 1 crore. The specific games involved will be announced closer to the date.

With such substantial prize funds, one may wonder whether the participants would decide to make virtual cricket their full-time job! As we watch from the comfort of our couches, maybe it’s time to go back into gaming. 


Cricket esports is no longer just a possibility, it’s a vivid reality reshaping Indian gaming. Reflecting on its evolution from skepticism to enthusiasm, it’s clear this is more than a trend—it’s a significant evolution in sports and gaming. 

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