What is Dragon Tiger Game?

Dragon Tiger is a rapidly growing game where the table layout resembles Baccara. Many people compare Dragon Tiger with Baccara, but the rules of these games are fundamentally different.

An indisputable advantage is that the rules of Dragon Tiger are much simpler. And modern players are very fond of simplifying the rules of casino games.

The game was once popular in many Asian countries (for example, Cambodia), and after that, it gained the love of Indian gamblers. This game has many different variations and is available from many TOP providers.

Different manufacturers adapt the game differently to the requirements and needs of their target audience so that the Dragon Tiger game fits perfectly into their other products.

You can try different versions of Dragon Tiger and choose the one that suits your spirit the best! There are both standard offline games and Dragon Tiger live games with live dealers.

Dragon Tiger game rules

It would seem that the classic game has simple rules, and, as it was written above, they are similar to Baccara. But they have a lot of nuances! To get a positive outcome of the game, have a great time, and make money, you need to consider some aspects. Namely:

●      Aces are the lowest-ranked cards

●      King is the highest card

●      All other cards have their natural meanings

●      The highest card wins, regardless of the suit

●      If a bet on the Dragon and a bet on the Tiger receive cards of the same value – the players lose 50% of their bet

Each player must first choose who will win this round: the Tiger or the Dragon. If the player does not manage to make a bet on time, then they will have to wait for their time until the next round starts. The dealer begins dealing cards only when all participants in the game have decided on their bets, those whose cards have the highest value win.

By the way, Dragon Tiger has several different betting options, which makes the game even more exciting. For example, you can bet on a pair and a draw, and such bets will bring you payouts up to 11x of the size of the bet.

Dragon Tiger Game Important Rules

Of course, the most helpful knowledge about this game comes with experience. But a smart person will always be able to use the theoretical knowledge of other people and competently apply them in their game. Here are the critical points of the game that will help you:

  1. 7 is not included in Big/Small bets, and in the event of a 7 on the table, all such bets lose
  2. 7 is not included in Odd/Even bets, and in the event of a 7, all Odd/Even bets lose
  3. Dragon Big and Tiger Big bets can win if an eight or a card of a higher rank falls on the corresponding main position. They lose in cases of a seven and below
  4. Dragon Small and Tiger Small bets can win if a six or a card of a lower rank falls on the corresponding main position. They lose in cases of a seven or higher
  5. Winning cards for betting on Dragon Even and Tiger Even are: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q
  6. Winning cards for betting Dragon Odd and Tiger Odd are: A, 3, 5, 9, J, K

Additional bets have no connection with bets on the main game. A player, for example, can bet on the main bet, “Dragon”, and the side bet, “Odd Tiger”. They can do the opposite as well. 

Useful advice for Dragon Tiger games

The most important thing for a gambler at the beginning of the game is to decide on the amount of the bet. Usually, the base rate at Indian casinos is $0.20. And the maximum limit in most Dragon Tiger variants is $100.

At the same time, a player can bet this amount on several exceptional results simultaneously.

Live Dealer Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger Live Dealer

All varieties of Dragon Tiger versions that are available to players at online casinos can be relatively divided into two main categories:

●      regular Dragon Tiger game

●      Dragon Tiger with live dealers

You can try your hand at demo mode when you play in ordinary mode. That is play for virtual money, test in practice all the strategies you learned from more experienced players, and find out which do work. After that, it is reasonable to invest real money and win amazing sums.

If we talk about Dragon Tiger live, it cannot be launched in demo mode because the gameplay takes place in real-time, and professional croupiers are involved.

Of course, this is a considerable risk, but do not forget that luck smiles on those who are not afraid to take risks!

When starting Dragon Tiger live, a player enters the gaming room, where a smiling and friendly dealer meets them at the table. The first thing a gambler needs to do is study the interface’s features and the gaming place to avoid being distracted by this later.

An important feature of Dragon Tiger is that you can communicate with competitors and a dealer using online chat or webcam. Such a pleasant bonus makes the gameplay as realistic as possible and gives the impression of being in a real casino.

Remember that only those who are constantly lucky win in Dragon Tiger. Naturally, this game provides winning statistics; if necessary, you can guess the strategy for future wins. However, still, the mathematical mechanism works in such a way that it can bring down all statistics.

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