Kabaddi Betting Sites

In 2023, wagering on Kabaddi matches remains very popular in India. However, kabaddi betting platforms are presently on the rise all throughout India, despite cricket’s continued dominance as the most popular betting sport in the nation and the continued popularity of other sports like football.

Many dedicated Indian sports fans will soon be considering which online bookmaker to employ for kabaddi betting as the sport’s popularity rises in the next months and years.

Read on to learn all you need to know about the top kabaddi betting sites in India, provided by some of the industry’s most reputable experts.

Best Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

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History of Kabaddi Betting in India

Fans have been able to wager on Kabaddi with the help of online Kabaddi betting companies ever since 2014, when the Professional Kabaddi League was formed. Millions of Indians sign up for the biggest kabaddi sites each season to place wagers on their home team.

Its origins can be traced all the way back to the ancient era when it was nothing more than a pleasant activity enjoyed by people living in rural areas. Today, it is one of the most popular sports played at the national level. 

Bets on Kabaddi have skyrocketed in popularity because of the audience’s infatuation with the game’s fast and nimble players. Fans and athletes from all over the globe, from Asia to Europe and the United Kingdom, are placing wagers on the sport of kabaddi. What should I do? We will demonstrate.

Popular Kabaddi Betting Tournaments

The kabaddi betting market is an exciting place to be since it has some of the top kabaddi players in India and across the world who are competing to achieve glory. Let’s have a look at some of the many competitions that you may place bets on.

Pro Kabaddi Betting

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Pakistan Kabaddi League (PKL) is a major international sporting event. There will be many rounds of play, much to the Indian Premier League. 

Pro Kabaddi has many great players like Pardeep Narwal and Anup Kumar since it is one of the most popular sports in Asia. Kabaddi betting is exciting because of the high stakes and growing popularity of the sport of pro kabaddi betting.

Kabaddi World Cup

Have you been looking for any international kabaddi betting options? Under Ajay Thakur’s competent leadership, India dominated the Kabaddi World Cup and won every tournament it participated in. 

Betting on the event is exciting and entertaining because of the variety of participating nations. Any of the kabaddi mentioned above sportsbooks will allow you to wager on the Kabaddi World Cup.

Kabaddi Asian Games

Since Kabaddi has been included in the Asian Games ever since 1990, the games have become a hotspot for live Kabaddi betting. India has won the most total gold medals and has dominated almost every category. 

Betting in-play on Kabaddi is exciting because of the enormous stakes and diverse betting markets, and the high-energy nature of the games.

Super Kabaddi League

The Super Kabaddi League is a kabaddi championship that was first held in Pakistan in 2018, making it a competition that is just a few years old. Only the first season was ever played out. There was never a second. 

The fact that it is not as well known on a global scale accounts for the limited number of betting possibilities available for that league.

Why do People Choose to Bet on Kabaddi?

Kabaddi live betting is becoming more popular among gamblers as a result of the game’s growing notoriety in India. As was noted before, Kabaddi is now in the second position in terms of the number of bets placed through online sportsbooks.

  • Kabaddi Live betting alternatives that are both exciting and diverse; 
  • Superior Betting Odds;
  • Wide Range of Kabaddi Bets;
  • Betting on kabaddi is simple.

Keep reading to find out about the numerous bets that may be put on Kabbadi.

How Do You Place an Online Wager on Kabaddi?

Due to a number of factors, internet bookmakers have become the norm. People choose internet bookmakers over traditional betting shops for many reasons. In just a few short minutes, you may open a new account and begin depositing money.

  1. Select your preferred betting sport and get started on your very first betting slip.
  2. Please transfer money into your account. Look into the site’s payment options to make sure they work in your preferred way before signing up. Choose a bookmaker that accepts your online wallet from their list.
  3. Make sure your card or electronic wallet can withdraw winnings. Most bookies provide a bonus after your initial deposit and real money play. Don’t overlook this step—who wouldn’t want extra gaming money?

After you have completed all of the steps and have acquired all of the necessary betting knowledge, you are prepared to make your first wager.

Kabaddi Betting Markets

We covered the basics of getting started with kabaddi betting, but there’s more to it than just creating an account, funding it, and placing a wager on the Match Winner. 

You may bet on one side to win or on a draw, which bookmakers often see as implausible and thus provide large odds on, yielding a handsome profit. This traditional betting market is accessible for every sport. 

The following markets are more relevant to kabaddi betting:

Outright WinnerDuring the Pro Kabaddi League or other major kabaddi competitions, this choice determines the winner. It’s a tournament-wide decision, not simply a match-up. The odds will tell you who a bookmaker thinks will win, but a lot may change before a tournament starts.
Top RaiderYou choose the raider you believe will win a match. This option lets you bet on all players from both teams, who have odds depending on previous performance and track record. The league’s best raiders have the lowest odds. Despite minimal returns, if they function as planned, you will win.
Top TacklesDefense is as essential as an offense; thus the defensive team may earn points by keeping the raider from returning to their half. This kabaddi betting market is clear since certain players are great at tackling. Like a top raider, you may wager on the top tackler in a match from the list of players. Choose from the season’s top 10 tacklers.
Team to Score 15 Points in 1st HalfPKL matches, which are point-heavy, are a good place to start betting on kabaddi. Choose if a side scores 15 first-half points. It’s a yes/no bet, but not straightforward. Before betting, know a team’s strengths and shortcomings.

There are many major kabaddi betting markets, and they vary depending on the site you choose to place your wagers.

  • Super Total
  • Asian Total
  • Team Result + Total
  • Total Over/Under
  • Even/Odd
  • Double Chance
  • Asian Handicap
  • Handicap

During live betting, you may bet on Total Over/Under and Even/Odd. These markets are also available for cricket and football, but bookmakers choose which betting possibilities to provide. Asian Handicap markets are unavailable at all betting sites. Some betting sites provide exclusive markets.


How to place a bet on Kabaddi?

Sign up for an account with a kabaddi live betting site of your choosing using Sportbetpro, and then put up some cash to play the game. After that, you may start betting on Kabaddi by selecting that choice and claiming your bonus.

Is a Live wager on Kabaddi even possible?

Betting on live Kabaddi is readily available on Indian bookmaker sites. Their Kabaddi betting rewards, odds, and selections are excellent.

Is betting on Kabaddi legal in India?

Kabaddi betting is perfectly legal and simple to participate in India. To get started, just choose a trustworthy website and make a deposit.

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