What is Crazy Time Game?

Gambling people come to online casinos for various reasons, some are looking for bright sensations or big money, and some are looking for something new for themselves. Since Crazy Time was introduced at the ICE Exhibition in 2020, gamblers don’t have to choose where to get the above.

The Evolution Gaming provider spent a year and a massive amount of money developing the Crazy Time game. In fact, this is the most expensive project of the company. But the time and money were well spent because, at the moment, the game shows one of the highest levels of player interest.

The primary characteristic of Crazy Time is the integration of a multitude of cutting-edge technology into one game, including a random number generator multiplier, slot machines, and video game aspects.

If you haven’t tried Crazy Time yet, join this incredible gambling show. Bright emotions are guaranteed!

How to Play Crazy Time Live Game

You can find the game at any Indian online casino site in the section with live games. Crazy Time is similar in structure to live dealer games, where you have to watch the wheel and bet for a certain amount of time before the dealer starts spinning the wheel.

The game’s goal is simple – to place a bet on one of the eight segment options on the wheel. The wheel consists of 54 segments in total.

Getting huge winnings anytime anywhere has always been challenging!

Wheel segments:

  • 10х
  • Coin Flip
  • Pachinko
  • Cash Hunt
  • Crazy Time

Bet limits on the Crazy Time game range from 10 INR to 100,000 INR.

How to play – at a minimum or maximum, depends only on the player. The bet must be placed before the time runs out. After bets are put, the dealer spins the wheel to determine the outcome. 

The massive wheel will spin in tandem with the upper slot on the wheel that has two reels. It includes ten multipliers that can be either numbers or symbols from a bonus game. If they coincide with the sector on which the winning bet was placed, it will be added to the final result. There won’t be any further multipliers in this game round if none of this occurs throughout the spin.

This process is repeated until the bonus round is activated.

Crazy Time Bonus Features

Each bonus round has its own rules and thrills. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the part of the game that live casino players like.

Bonus nameFeature
Cash HuntOccupies 2 segments on the wheel. While this option is enabled, 108 random multipliers will appear on the screen. As the wheel begins to spin, the multipliers are randomized and transformed into symbols. You can then use your cannon to shoot at the symbols hiding the max multiplier. Then, the symbols turn into multipliers that you win.
PachinkoPachinko is located at 16 zones at the top and at 16 multipliers at the bottom. This sector is a game with a puck that bounces off the pegs. The player wins with whatever multiplier the puck lands on. Then the puck falls again.
Coin FlipOccupies 4 segments on the wheel. This bonus round is even easier than the rest. To begin the round, just select either head or tail. A wise decision will pay off.
Crazy Time
This is the only single segment on the wheel and allows you to open a small red door that hides a bonus wheel. The 64-segment wheel has several multipliers that will help you win decent prizes after the completion of each game. Players can choose from blue, green and orange crackers. Each cracker hides a different payout depending on where the wheel stops.

It would be best if you considered that players who bet on the dropped bonus segment could participate in the bonus rounds. Other users of the Crazy Time game can watch and cheer.

Crazy Time Features and Strategies

The Crazy Time wheel invites gamblers to experience something they have never experienced and are unlikely to forget!

Crazy Time game features:

  • Chat to communicate with players and croupiers
  • Winnings are higher than in other live games or slots
  • Players receive a bet multiplier or mini-games before each round
  • Players can bet in all sectors to cover their betting costs
  • The game creates the atmosphere of a real luxury casino to give an extraordinary mood
  • High RTP percentage

At the moment, Crazy Time game fans have found several strategies to help them get high winnings.

Here are some tips for new gamblers who are going to try their luck with the Crazy Time wheel:

  • Place bets on bonuses. Make an effort to divide your bets into segments and bonuses. You will have a higher chance of winning this method, regardless of where the wheel stops
  • Remember the theory of probability. Suppose a specific bonus segment has not fallen out for a long time. In that case, the wheel’s probability of stopping on it increases with each round. Follow the statistics and do not miss the opportunity to hit the jackpot
  • Estimate RTP. Crazy Time is considered to have the highest RTP percentage compared to other live games

If you are looking for new experiences and big wins, then bet on Crazy Time live game at any live casino now and win huge prizes on every spin. Remember to keep an eye on the bonuses and use them to the maximum. This will help you consistently win more. In general, many entertainment and exciting experiences await you on the portal.

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