What is the Aviator game?

The Aviator game is becoming more and more popular among fans of the gambling industry. But, of course, all lovers of gambling are wondering where this entertainment came from, what it is, and, most importantly: how to win it.

To get the best result in this game and leave an online casino with a large amount of money in your account, you need to know everything about Aviator from “A” to “Z”. You will get a lot of helpful information from this article!

Who is the author of the Aviator game?

The provider to be thanked for inventing such a great game is called Spribe. This Georgian company is known for offering exciting new-generation slots to casino visitors

. Their products have long been called “smart” games among players. Spribe’s technologies are based on cryptography and are 100% transparent, which means customers can trust them.

The studio loves bold experiments and surprises its users. In 2020, Spribe took a chance and released a brand-new product. In just six months, the game has gained rapid popularity among casino fans.

Now the Aviator game is considered one of the most popular entertainments of Spribe; millions of players worldwide try their luck in this incredible and addictive game.

What makes Aviator by Spribe unique?

Aviator is a game that consists of an increasing curve that can collapse at any moment. This game’s multiplier scale starts to grow at the beginning of the round. The main task and goal of everyone, who tries their hand at it, is to manage to cash out money before the lucky plane flies away.

It is worth noting that the Aviator game is not a typical classic slot but an innovative product of a new generation. Its main advantage is that it uses provable fairness technology and allows each player to check their results at the end of each round.

The duration of some rounds lasts – more than a minute. During this time, a multiplier of several hundred is accumulated on the screen. And therefore, a player has a chance to pocket a six-figure payout. People love this game for the opportunity to win quickly and a lot.

How to play Aviator?

Have you ensured that the Aviator game will help you have a great and pleasant time yet? Are you ready to fight for big wins? Then let’s go, or rather fly! Where do we start?

  1. Choose a bet level and click “Confirm”
  2. When the countdown ends, the Aviator takes off and collects a growing win multiplier
  3. Cash out and receive your winnings at any time
  4. Or wait longer to add a bigger multiplier
  5. Please note that if the plane flies away, the round ends, and all unpaid bets are lost.
  6. To double your chances of cashing out before the plane leaves, place the second bet along with your initial bet

As you can see, everything is quite simple! But if you are still not completely confident in your abilities, you can always try playing the Aviator game for virtual money. After all, this entertainment is available in demo mode!

How to win in Aviator?

And finally, the answer to the question that worries everyone the most: how to win in Aviator? As you already know, to succeed in Aviator, you must cash out before the plane flies away. Then, when the betting phase ends, the round starts with the set bet value. And the curve increases by 0.1x until the final sum is reached.

To get a small profit, you can cash out the money ahead of schedule. Another great option is to hold out as long as possible and only then press cash out in order to maximize the overall profit.

Don’t forget that the Aviator game has a double bet feature. It allows you to activate the second bet already during the game. It is important to remember that the second bet is set and activated independently of the first. Accordingly, it can also be cashed out without cashing out the original set bet.

Two unique features of the Aviator game

The Aviator game has two unique features. If you pay attention to them, you can easily minimize all risks and get the first payment.

The first feature is autoplay. A user can set the coefficient at which they automatically receive the payment. Thus, a player can close the round on the x60 multiplier. If this feature is enabled, then as soon as the plane reaches this mark, Aviator automatically calculates the payout. The main task of a player is to hold on until the aircraft overcomes the selected height.

Autoplay helps control the excitement level and not lose the winnings due to a slow reaction. Of course, the plane can reach x600 and even x2000, but even x60 brings a good profit from an any-sized bet.

The second great feature of Aviator is statistics. Each player gets access to a list containing all the bets made over the past days and even months. It means that a player receives an excellent opportunity to analyze the level of success of their predecessors and draw conclusions!

All these simple rules and your intuition and skill will help you not only have a great time at the controls of an airplane but also become richer! So do not lose a chance to fly towards colossal wealth!

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