How to Win in Aviator – A Simple Guide for Newbie Players

The hit slot from the innovative provider Spribe appeared in 2020 and won the hearts of gamblers in a matter of months. It is no surprise because Aviator uses provable honesty technology, which means that players can trust it with their money for a thousand percent!

What is the Aviator game?

Aviator is a game where a player has to drive an airplane. The main task and goal of every Ekbet casino user, who tries their hand at the Aviator game, is to have time to cash out money before the lucky plane flies away.

The duration of some rounds last more than a minute. If a player lasts all this time, they will see a multiplier of several hundred on their screen. So, they will get a chance to earn an impressive amount of money. Like all entertainment at Ekbet online casino, Aviator is available in demo mode. Thus, players can practice playing for virtual money and start playing for real money, only being confident in their abilities.

Aviator game-winning strategies

Of course, hundreds of thousands of players worldwide invent strategies that help them achieve the best results in this game. And the most successful and working are shared.

Conventionally, all strategies can be divided into four main types. Namely:

  • least risk tactics
  • moderate risk tactics
  • risky tactic for quick money
  • strategy for two simultaneous bets

Before you find the Aviator game at Ekbet casino and fly to your huge and fabulous winnings, we recommend that you get acquainted with the content of these strategies and choose the most suitable one for yourself. 

Least risk tactics

Adhering to this strategy, you are unlikely to raise huge sums quickly, but it will help you make the fewest failures and not lose your money. This tactic in the Aviator game by Spribe is ideal for people who are testing the water and are not ready to take risks.

The essence of this tactic is to play with small coefficients. It means that in each round, your cashout must be at the x1.20-x1.21 multiplier (by the way, we recommend using the auto cashout and auto bet options). Such a multiplier allows you to minimize the number of lost rounds and systematically increase the balance. You can safely move on to large bets even when the balance grows. So the pace of your earnings will increase and accelerate.

Moderate risk tactics

The strategy is suitable if you have an amount of money in your account that you will not regret losing. Here it is important to remember that you only need to start the game with your own money; in no case should you play on credit and do not play with money set aside for study or gifts to your parents!

In this tactic, x2-x3 coefficients are chosen. The probability of a result with a multiplier of 2-3 will be 40-42%. If you are confident in your abilities and a large multiplication has not been in the game for a long time, you can take a chance by laying claim to large odds. If you are lucky, you may stay in the black and increase your deposit. 

Risky tactics for quick money

The strategy is suitable for those who are constantly lucky! At school, you were never asked for homework when it wasn’t ready; you have already won big sums and feel it’s time to do it in the game Aviator. Then go ahead.

Choose odds 50+. They fall out on average once every 60-90 minutes. So monitor when the last result with a multiplication of x100 or more was, wait for about an hour, trust your intuition, and actively join the game!

Strategy for two simultaneous bets

Playing two stakes requires more concentration than one. Choose an auto bet and auto cashout on x1.2 multiplication for the first bet for a larger amount. Use the moderate risk strategy described above for the second bet and bet a smaller amount.

If you want to really take risks in a two-bet game, stop at x5 multiplication with one bet and x20+ with the second one. So you will not spend the entire balance at once and wait for huge odds.

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